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Fifty Old Folk Home Remedies To Relieve Arthritis And Rheumatism


Arthritis, one of the oldest disease known to mankind, is the
inflammation of one or more joints. It occurs in all races at all times.
Decline in joint function generally begins at age 30. No one really knows the
exact cause of this painful and disabling disease. However, there are two

1. Infection

2. Body's own defences go out of line and attack its own tissues.

Also experts believe that emotional stress plays a very important role
in the cause of arthritis.

The most severe case of this crippling disease is RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS.
Factors relating to it are fatigue, shock, injury, and exposure to cold and
dampness. At times nodules may show up under the skin, around the elbows,
wrists and fingers, and occasionally on the ankles.

The control of this particular type of arthritis may require the
cooperation of a physician, a physical therapist, an orthopaedic surgeon, and
often the physician who specialises in psychosomatic diseases. Rest is
considered one of the most essential factors in treatment which includes
emotional rest. Diet need not be too restrictive, but should be rich in
animal proteins, calcium , iron and adequate in vitamins.

At present, many arthritis patients have been taking aspirins as a
temporary pain-reliever with good results in some cases. Some patients also
are given physical treatments with heat and water (bathing and whirlpools),
finger-tip massaging, and other methods which an expert physiotherapist may


Since so many people in this country (over 150,000 a year) are
afflicted with this excruciating, deforming disease, many HOME REMEDIES have
been tested and used with some degree of effectiveness. Listed below are 50
OLD-HOME-FOLK REMEDIES that have been tried by various people for treating
arthritis in general and rheumatism.

1. Mrs. G. had arthritis for years until she found relief taking
alfalfa tea twice a day.

2. Mrs. O. got relief by taking therapeutic doses of vitamins.

3. Mrs. B. found relief by taking a tablespoon of fruit pectin in a
small glass of cranberry juice every morning.

4. Another lady found relief by gently exercising the afflicted joints
in tub full of hot water.

5. After learning self-control and how to avoid emotional upsets, Mrs.
L. found that her pain had greatly lessened.

6. Mr. G.M. found great relief when he corrected his constipation.

7. Mrs. J.G. was greatly relieved when she eliminated sugar, white
flour, macaroni, pie, cake, and sweet drinks from her diet.

8. Mrs. H.B. prepared a drink which helped her. It consisted of four
raw finely sliced beets soaked in a quart of berry wine for one day. She
drinks one small glass before meals, three times a day.

9. Mrs. G. W. recommends dissolving 4 teaspoons of blackstrap molasses
in one quart of cranberry juice and drinking one glass everyday. She also
says 100 aspirins dissolved in a pint of rubbing alcohol will relieve sore
joints when rubbed on three times a day.

10. Mrs. P. takes equal parts of epsom salts, cream of tartar and
ground rhubarb root, mixes, fills gelatin capsules, and takes one after each

11. Mrs. E.M. says two parts pure olive oil and one part kerosene makes
a wonderful liniment to bathe afflicted joints.

12. Mr. L. gives this poultice for swollen joints: 2 tablespoons
mullein, 3 of granulated slippery elm bark, one of lobelia, 1 teaspoon
cayenne. Mix thoroughly. Use boiling water to make paste. Spread on cloth and
place on swollen joints. He also recommends oil of origanum, oil of lobelia,
oil of capsicum, mixed with coconut oil for a good rub.

13. Another says rub the aching joints with hot vinegar before going to

14. Add one tablespoon cod liver oil to the juice of one orange, whip
and drink before retiring.

15. Two teaspoons apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of honey
dissolved in a small glass of warm water taken once or twice a day brings

16. Steep six ounces of sassafras root in fifth of whiskey for 24
hours. Take one tablespoon three times a day before meals.

17. Steep 1 cup alfalfa seed in 1/2 gallon boiling water for 20
minutes. Strain, put in jar, take small glassful three times a day.

18. Mix camphor, methyl salicylate. eucalyptus oil and menthol to make
a rubbing mixture for aches and pains.

19. Mix fresh carrot juice with equal parts of lemon juice. Take one
large spoonful everyday.

20. Mrs. C. says Knox gelatin is good.

21. Mrs. T. wraps afflicted joints loosely with thin plastic for

22. A lady recommends bone meal and Vitamins A, D, and C, 3 times a

23. Mrs. A's hands are better after she started drinking sarsaparilla

24. Mrs. O. got relief by taking Butazoldin tablets.

25. Mrs. H. takes one tablespoon of fresh lime juice in two tablespoons
of water nights and mornings.

26. Mrs. M.B. says 1 oz. of oil of wintergreen, 3 oz. chloroform, and
12 oz. of rubbing alcohol makes a good rub.

27. Mrs. L.N. says cucumber juice controlled her arthritis.

28. Contributors to arthritis are: overwork, exposure to wet, cold
weather, infectious diseases, poor diet, mental strain, etc.

29. After heat treatment, rub down the sore sports with a mixture of
1/2 cup of wintergreen mixed with 1-1/2 cups camphor and soap liniment.

30. A Canadian says to mix equal parts of the following herbs: black
cohosh, genitian root, angelica, colombo, scull cap, valerian, rue and
buckthorn bark, and take one heaping teaspoon in a cup of boiling water. Let
steep, and drink three 1/2 cups per day.

31. Drink plenty of water to keep the body clean. Keep an optimistic
outlook. Avoid depressive thoughts and nervous tension. A healthy body and
mind resist diseases.

32. Sunshine, sunbaths, and deep breathing of fresh air are very

33. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Exercise in moderation
when eating highly acid fruits.

34. Avoid cocktails, coffee, and tea. Drink plenty of fresh water
instead. Select wholesome foods, eat slowly and chew thoroughly.

35. Moderation in eating, avoiding overweight, and thorough elimination
are excellent prevention practices.

36. Good living habits, an optimistic attitude, avoiding tension,
strain, and stress are good preventative practices.

37. Mrs. P. finds relief by alternating hot and cold compresses on the
painful area every 5 minutes.

38. A 72-old man said cooked apricots without sugar helped him a lot.

39. Eating too much meat, which contains uric acid, is very bad for

40. Avoid fat foods, fried foods, pork, uric acid, starches, sugar,
sweets, carbonated drinks, salt, pepper, spices, hot sausage, hot peppers,
pickled meats, alcohol and strong acid drinks. Use acid fruits moderately.

41. Get plenty of rest. Have the right kind of posture mattress. Cover
up with warm comfortable blankets. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Take
deep breathing exercises and walk often for exercise and good health.

42. Mrs. P. says that fasting for two days a week relieved her pains.

43. Mr. S.P. finds relief in keeping his system clean and taking herbs
like wild oregon grape, birch, bitter root, bark burdock, elder, skunk
cabbage and wintergreen.

44. Mrs. F. finds relief mixing 3 lemons and 3 tablespoons epsom salts
in one pint of warm water and taking one teaspoon morning and night.

45. Mrs. M.R. obtained use of her arm again after taking 3 shots of

46. Mr. D. believes cod liver oil is the best old time remedy for

47. J.K.L. found relief by taking plenty of calcium, vitamin D, iodine,
vitamin B, and cod liver oil

48. Sleeping pills and alcohol just make things worse says M.R.D.

49. A woman in Canada takes 3 wild cherry roots, 3 burdock roots, 3
oregon grape roots, washes them, chops, covers with a gallon of water,
simmers for 30 minutes, strains liquid into bottle and takes a half glass
every morning before breakfast.

50. A good rub is made from 2 oz. each of eucalyptus oil, oil of
wintergreen, rubbing alcohol and witch haze. Mix, shake, rub on ache.


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