The Professional Bass Fisherman’s Secret Treatment

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The Professional Bass Fisherman's Secret Treatment For Fishing Lines
and Reels


WD40!! Yes, WD40!! I used to put new lines on my reels every week,
cleaned them after each trip. I bought bulk spools of 3,000 yards of line,
because I was fishing a tourney each week.

One evening before a tourney at a motel, I was at my boat doing this
and a pro (a real pro) stopped by to talk. He asked how often I did this.

I said each week because of line curl. He laughed and said that I was
the type of guy his sponsors loved.

Then he proceeded to explain, that if the line was not old, just
curled, to spray it good with WD40 the night before. I found that this
application of WD40 freed up my reels also.

I carry a big can in the boat and one in the truck and even use it sometimes
on my lines that I've been using all day when it starts to act up.

He said the trick is to always take off the first ten to twenty feet of
line each trip and then spray it.

He says to always change lines every three trips and if its a super
important tourney, change your line then spray!

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